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Though not historically a model of grace, my church now has an excellent ministry devoted to those who struggle with same-sex attraction and those who want to love them. I wanted to share it with you, just in case you were able some day to pass it on to someone who could benefit. That is very exciting. With all the new discoveries about the human body since the first book was published in , I am certain the research portion of that was challenging, as well as rewarding for you. I did sign up for the Launch Team, I hope that I can help in that. I am an engineer with the National Park Service.

Hoping to have a second career, helping people receive freedom in a life with Christ. Be blessed, sir! And keep researching, writing and editing. Thank you! Hi Philip, I would like to thank you for your books. I am a 60 year old physician who became a christian while an undergraduate at Michigan State University many years ago. I fell in love and was married before I entered medical school to a young woman who was reared in a very fundamental baptist church.

We attended various churches of that background for nearly twenty years of that and eventually left in I now own and have read all of your books. Anyhow, I was wondering about your thoughts about the sexual abuse accusations that have arisen lately, particularly pointed out in the Fort Worth Telegraph.

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Many more conservative believers have long maintained that such things were not possible. Unfortunately, very credible stories have surface in congregations very close to us personally that are difficult to ignore. I wish that these accusations were not true, but I am about In the one church that we were involved with there was the abuse, then the cover up, now the circling of the wagons mentality.

And it is made more egregious by the staff having political connections. Anyhow, it would be interesting if you were to write a blog on this topic. Your comments touch me deeply. Coming from that background, I know how difficult it can be to sort out what to retain and what to jettison. I appreciate the suggestion for the blog. I have friends who work with the organization G. In fact, some estimate that the problem is as widespread in Protestant denominations as in the Catholic church, which has attracted far more scrutiny.

Question for you, sir. We have about 40 men signed up to take the class with us right now, some of whom are Spanish. I am purchasing a copy of participants guide for all of the inmates in the class. A few weeks ago I saw the guide for sale on Amazon in Spanish, but have not been able to find it again.

Do you know if it is still available somewhere and if so, where I could get it? I am taking a psychology class that focuses on Biblical integration with psychological practices. We were discussing the content in class, and one of the students brought up the chapter about temptation and Jesus in the desert, where you speculate perhaps the devil did not know Jesus was the Son of God and was tempting Him to see if He was. We were wondering, did you mean that literally or were you speculating? That idea came from the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, in a sermon he wrote.

It was speculation, and rather creative speculation. Through the years I have read and number of your books, and I appreciate your perspective in many areas of life and theology. When evil man hurt innocent people, we cringe and are very upset. We call it evil. Muslims try to wipe out Christians, and that is evil. Thank you so much for your writing — in your books, your blog, your articles. I was first introduced to your work through my dad, who has been an avid fan of yours since his days as a college student.

His career choice was at least partly inspired by your books specifically those written about and with Dr. I am studying communications and hoping to either fight for justice with the written word or through community engagement at least partly inspired by the heroes I met while reading Soul Survivor as well as your other books and your blog.

I saw that you are on the schedule to speak this semester during our chapel. I just wanted to thank you for faithfully asking questions, writing, speaking, and following Christ in a way that has encouraged and inspired me. By all means introduce yourself at Westmont! Just this summer I have been reading your book and it is speaking to me very clearly and refreshing my heart!

One of them was Soul Survivor, a book I read more than ten years ago and whose influence I still feel today. I let it go because I felt that it had fulfilled its purpose in my life and I thought someone else might benefit from reading it. Sitting on my couch in the soft glow of a lamp, I felt a deep desire to do the kind of work you and many others have done and are doing—lifting people up with words.

Thank you for writing the book that gave rise to my own passion to write. In Soul Survivor I encountered for the first time authors whom I still read with pleasure and spiritual benefit. First among these is probably Frederick Buechner, one of the most honest, funny and poignant writers I can think of.

Annie Dillard and Henri Nouwen have also brought inspiration and encouragement. Other writers you discuss—Chesterton, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy—I was somewhat familiar with already, but your book encouraged me to give them additional consideration. In short, Soul Survivor gave a great boost to my spiritual journey, and I am grateful to you for writing it and for helping to broaden my understanding of Christianity and its many valid and beautiful expressions.

A delightful response, for which I thank you. Welcome to the oh-so-fulfilling and odd family of writers. I found it thrilling to write about my heroes. Years ago, early in my faith walk, I read the books you wrote with Dr. The spiritual insights I learned are amazing. Thank-you very much. Brand became much better known here in the US than in the UK. Lewis would be another example. Thank you for those exports! Dear Philip, thank you for your insight and inspiration in articulating truth that is palatable to us who have be conditioned by our traditional way of thinking!

I came out of Hinduism and have been in Christian ministry for over forty years in South Africa. Started my ministry with YWAM.

Daily Devotional Archive

Served with many para-church ministries in Africa and now run a Foundation to empower rural communities in South Africa through our Foundation. Please visit our website if you can. Every Blessing upon you and you family! Abel Govender Rev. I did visit the website. What a handsome, happy-looking staff! May you continue to experience joy in serving. Your work is very important. You may be aware of the dreadful exhortation by the well known English atheist scientist Richard Dawkins for people to post videos on YouTube of them defaming Christ and faith.

Thank you, Philip, for the honesty I see written into your books, not only regarding your faith journey, but your journey as a writer. Of course, this is not to diminish my appreciation for your openness in finding your way to the real Jesus. I, too, was raised in a rather strict, confusing Lutheran church, seemingly focused more on law than on grace, even though the Word was preached by kind pastors. It has taken me over fifty years to find my way to the Jesus of the bible, and in so doing, to reach out in genuine love and compassion to the hurting, the lonely, the lost, the struggling.

I must admit, it took several health issues to break me, and in my brokenness, I found meaning, and I found Jesus. I now understand that when I am weak, I am strong in Him, not in myself, my possessions, what people think of or admire about me, etc. So thank you for sharing your story. It affirms mine. You give others permission to question, to probe, to reevaluate what they believe, what they have been taught, and to look at their faith with honesty. And that is where healing and freedom begins. Thank you for this vulnerable story of a search toward grace, beautifully expressed.

Mr Yancey, I want to thank you for giving me hope in a tough life. As a child I was sexually abused. As a teen I was beaten and abused by my mentally ill mother and sister and ignored by my father. But they equally did many evil things to me. And that the child would be a gift. But my son is a delight and has grown into a fine man with a child of his own. Life is still almost overwhelmingly hard and I know that none of my dreams are likely to become reality in this life. You took my own questions, sought answers, and emerged wiser and stronger.

I love your spirit, and feel such compassion for you and all that you have borne. I love the way you write about the Christian faith. You quoted the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, as an example of human suffering and tragedy. May I humbly inform you it has been pointed out by numerous sound-minded people on the internet that the shooting was nothing more than a hoax?

I wanted to thank you for speaking at our church, Southeast Christian in Parker, a few weeks ago. Your sermon was wonderful, but I wanted to thank you for your last comments most of all. You said you understood that our church was going through a rough patch, but that God was not finished, that you were excited to see what God was going to do in the next chapter of Southeast.

Thank you for that; it really meant a lot! I really resonated with the sermon portion about India. I just came back from a mission trip with Greg and others from Southeast in April where we got to go to Damoh as well as the Siliguri area. I got to hear firsthand many of the stories you talked about. It is incredibly heartbreaking and life-changing to hold their hand, hug them, and pray with them as your world is changed.

I wrote about it in my blog, the website below. And I came to page number , where in the passage you wrote that Nazi Germany at the time of the occupation of the Balkans, Germans and Croats infiltrated hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Roma and Jews. The same moment I felt the need to write to you. In a few paragraphs before you wrote that AVM is not completely clear of all these developments in the Balkans and the former Yugoslavia. As a Croat generation and proud of my ancestors who have left me in the legacy of love for homeland and faith I must correct you.

Those Serbs who had so much hatred of my people had ethnic cleansing of Croats, Roma and Jews. Take a look and explore how well Alojza Stepinac rescued people. Now look back at what you mention in the book. Deeply explore and do not write what only a part of the source says. Look at the movie called Huda Jama. Do not write about the history of the area where you are not close. Neither sources nor archives are sufficient. Only people in this area who live for generations of oppression and persecutions can write about it. Look at Vukovar. Then write it down. The Message by Eugene Peterson is a paraphrase in modern, sometimes casual English which is more subjective, though Peterson is quite trustworthy.

I am a minister that read your Book Whats so Amazing about Grace the year it was published and have never recovered. I still Go to it from time to time. Thank you. I would love to hear you thoughts on word written by the ancient Greek pagan poet Aeschylus. The reason I am writing is to request a suggestion from you. Three churches are joining together to plan and attend — it will be great! The weekend retreat will have three teaching sessions, each taught by different guys, maybe with sub-themes: Grace from God, Grace between Christians and Grace to the World.

I am considering borrowing material from your book for one of the sessions. Not that I feel capable of teaching on the subject, but that I feel guys need to know more about this. My request is this, of all the aspects of grace your book covers and the hundreds of illustrations it contains, can you suggest a couple sections of the book that you might focus on if you were speaking to a group of men about grace?

I would recommend something from chapters , simply because our nation is so divided politically. How can Christians apply what I suggested some years ago in a new cultural and political context? That might stir up some interesting discussion! I wrote a sort of sequel, Vanishing Grace , a few years ago, addressing this very topic. Politics stirs people up, so your group may need to exercise grace even as they learn about it. As I am around southern evanglicals I live in small-town Arkansas , it seems, now that Trump has already been elected, that they are looking for just any semi-reasonable excuse for still supporting him.

They want to be just as extreme as liberals. Politics these days seems so cutthroat. It is truly life changing.

See a Problem?

Similar to many others, I understand church hurt but when you knew there is a Christ that can relate and cares. It changed the trajectory of my thinking. Thank you for the honesty and transparency in your blog and books. I am attempting to help a man who says he needs to forgive God. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Hi Philip, I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on atonement.

The Parables of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional by Laura James

After reading your works for many years, I got the impression that you lean towards the Christus Victor interpretation. Forgive me if I am mistaken. Thank you so much. Hi, Mr. Currently I am reading Soul Survivor and can hardly put it down. I was praying recently that God would put some generative, mature, joyful Jesus people in my life. Your book is helping me. I was having a hard time with questions about divorce and boundaries and autism and dementia and refugees, to name a few.

A lot of Christians grew up learning that if you quoted a Bible verse, that was enough. Just let it be. Have a problem? His grace is sufficient. Struggling with anger towards divorce? Turn the other cheek. I believe the gospel has hands and feet and a pulse and your books always, always show me that. So incarnate. The people you write about in Soul Survivor are real and useful l and leave redemption and love in their paths. Thank you for taking the time to write these books, share your own journey and bring hope to people who need to noodle over these things. Soul Survivor is my personal favorite because I got to write about my heroes.

You absorbed exactly what I hoped to accomplish, and thanks for letting me know. I have been blessed so many times by your books and have read them all. I have been waiting for a new one for a few years now and wonder if there is something I missed. You, Ravi Zacharias and Max Lucado are my favorite authors.

You each speak to the same truth from different directions and style and I am a lifetime reader of something every day. It seems that you have spoken before about working on books you wrote with Dr. Brand so is that the next book we will be able to read? Just anxious for the next book. Thanks for your blogs in the meantime. Thank you for the encouragement—and keep reading! I remember falling farther in love with Jesus through those pages, going on and on to my lapsed mother about how amazing he was.

At the time I was worshiping at a conservative Baptist church, convinced that drinking and swearing were terrible sins, and watching fearfully for the signs of the coming rapture and the real-world Nicolae Carpathia. I have changed quite a bit since then. I drink and I swear, and read the Bible differently…. I just think the gospel is a lot bigger than I used to.

But one thing that has not changed is the presence of your books in my life, and their ability to challenge and encourage me in my faith. I co-pastor of a small rural congregation alongside my husband, and preparing for a sermon recently I picked up The Jesus I Never Knew just to see what you had to say about the Wedding at Cana and I realized that now that I am coming up on my 36th birthday, it is almost 20 years since I first read it.

Through all the changes in my faith and life I am still moved by it. How on earth did you do that? There are so few authors that come with me on this journey. I write this for two reasons, I guess. One is to say, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your writing that has been such a gift to the church and to me. I no longer feel like I fit in that culture, but your books still speak to me, and I hear the gospel in them as much as I did way back when.

I have just had my first article published online with CT, but as I think about writing more for the church, I see how the different parts of the church are speaking different languages. Maybe it has always been this way, but I wonder it is possible to break through those dividing lines. You seem to have managed it though and I am both grateful and amazed. Goodness, this is a blushingly generous comment, Jen. I suppose you could say the same about our bodies.

They wear out and die. But our resurrection bodies will be eternal. The same holds true for the renewed earth that Scripture talks about. Romans is fairly clear on that. Eternal bodies need the eternal earth to live on. Have you read any of N. Several years back I began reading them and they changed much of what I believe not only about eschatology but Scripture as a whole.

I have indeed read N. Wright, and have the highest respect for his scholarship as well as his gentle spirit. In general I agree with his approach, though it does raise some major questions, such as: What about when the sun burns out in a few billion years and planet Earth becomes unlivable—how does that square with eternity. From the time of my Confirmation at 15 until age 64, I kept only a vague and unlearned concept of God.

Rarely attending any synagogue or church and then mainly to accompany a friend or out of curiosity. Then one day, taking a flight on a small regional jet, we encountered the worst turbulence I had experienced in 60 years of flying. The kind where the flight attendants are attached to the roof of the plane. Suddenly, I remembered — word for word — the Twenty-Third Psalm.

If I had ever memorized it, it would have been at least fifty years ago. But I dismissed it as an oddity. Understand that as a trained police investigator, and general skeptic, I knew there was no such thing as coincidence; there was always SOME explanation until proven, and very rarely proven otherwise.

Some examples. I went onto a security assessment in Houston. I met someone who took me to a Quaker Meeting. I went out of curiosity yet was clearly affected by the strong presence of the Holy Spirit not knowing Who it was until much later. For the very first time, I began to read the New Testament. Remember, Jews vehemently ignore it. But it began to reach me in incredible ways.

I began to study seriously. One day as I sat at my desk, I found myself sobbing for quite a long time. I called a friend I knew to be a strong Christian and asked what was happening. The Lord clearly reached out to motivate me to catch up on my long ignorance and vague beliefs. My study, discussion and work intensified. A few days later as I was out for my morning walk on my hill, I saw in the early dawn light! Turning it on, I found a number to call.

I offered to meet at a local coffee shop and return it. Thus we met, merely as a matter of courtesy, with no expectations, no points of reference. We paused to have a cup of coffee when I learned she was widowed the same year my spiritual quest had begun. Her name is Kristin, which of course means follower of Christ.

We met again in a few days, and talked for hours. After few more meetings, she invited me to attend her church of three years — an Independent Baptist Fundamental church. Of course, I said. Another first. As I sat and listened to the Word I was struck, convicted and in tears. I was baptized into that church two weeks later. And Kristin and I were married a month later. As I became more immersed in doctrine and theology, I found that my long-time experience in teaching was a gift from God, and should be applied in church.

I also found that this church was holding back my growth and began searching for a new one. I met a pastor who also was a former law enforcement officer and who was leading a newly merged church. But he said no. I knew this was truly the aim of all the rapid and miraculous growth, led by the Holy Spirit.

I knew immediately that my relative chronological newness did not matter to God, only the call. I began to teach Sunday School and lead Wednesday night prayer and study meetings, meanwhile preparing sermons. I finally got several opportunities to preach, and this simply confirmed the call my Pastor and I had heard. A few months along, out of the blue my Pastor said he thought I should be ordained, and take on an outreach program for the church.

Both of these milestones have just occurred. To take this poor sinner, absent from God for so long, and to change his life into one of service, one of repentance, one of pastoring is almost beyond belief. Sherlock Holmes once said that when you rule out the impossible, you are left with the merely improbable. Improbable but true. And indeed, with God nothing is impossible…. I know it will encourage and inspire others. And I have the strong sense that there are more chapters to come! I worried it was blasphemous and put it down and was afraid to read it again for a long while.

Years later, when I first started to really struggled with the church I attended and with a season of doubt in the pursuit of my Ph. You write often about those writers and thinkers who have mentored you along spiritually; you have become one of those mentors for me as I make my own way along as a writer and a scholar. I often wish I could have met you in person to say thank you; but I do believe that one day, in the light and joy of the redeemed world we are all longing for, I will.

Until then, I keep you and yours in my prayers: may you persevere the race marked out for us! Bless you, and thanks! Hi Philip, we live in South Africa. I am happy to have found your website and have signed up to receive your mailings. Jesus says nothing to her about sin, as he did with the woman caught in adultery, he merely reveals her life story to show his particular divine insight. She was respected enough by her community that they listened to her account about Jesus and let her lead them to him.

The fact that she had been married five times may have just been that in those days young girls were married off to much older men, who may have died. In this case, she would then have been married off to someone else, without whom she would have been a completely unprotected, economically destitute woman. The men may well have divorced her women could almost never divorce their husbands due to her being barren.

So all her previous marriages say nothing about her moral character and in fact may all have been very happy and successful. The fact that she lived with a man who was not her husband could again have a simple explanation. Roman law did not allow the marriage of previous slaves and free-borns, so common-law marriage was rife. Men also took concubines when they were already married and she may have been forced to agree to this for this to have the protection of a man and family.

This woman was theologically and politically astute, challenging Jesus as to where the centre of worship was, aware of the conflict between Samaritans and Jews. She had amazing spiritual insight and was keen to evangelise her community. I see no sign of a moral failure and feel this feisty woman has been given very unfair bad press by the church. Thank you for this, Sally.

I may well have misinterpreted what was going on. Jesus does seem to bore in a bit by his comment that the man she now has is not her husband, so that may also be a clue too. Yet the cultural patterns you mention are certainly true. Women had it tough in those days! It has been a number of years since I read your book The Jesus I Never Knew, but I recently picked it up again and used it to describe the incarnation salt-water aquarium for a Christian Worldview Course that my wife and I are doing for people.

That illustration always stuck with me and I just wanted to say thank-you for being a faithful follower of Christ and for doing what He created you to do. Dear Philip, My husband and I have been fans of your writing even before we met each other. We felt so understood when we read your books on the realities of suffering.

Our prayers are that people who ask him the meaning of his name, will read your books, feel understood and rediscover their faith. I just wanted to say thank you, for your blog posts and student bible as much as your books. The summer after my junior year of college, I led a small group in the fellowship I was a part of. We read through Reaching for the Invisible God. And for perhaps the first time, I was able to articulate so many of my experiences — or lackthereof — with God and the church.

But in your book, your honesty gave me hope. How boring it must be to have the same kind of relationship with billions of people. At college, I often encountered friends who found themselves in the shadows between belief and unbelief. Again and again, I would offer them your name, hoping they would find a similar freedom in realizing their doubts and questions did not disqualify them from faith. You have made my journey of faith much less lonely. You express yourself so articulately, and I appreciate the care you put into this note.

You make me feel less lonely, and spur me further down the same path. Phil, You and I enjoy similar authors. I love to read C. Lewis and St. They are passionate authors! I also enjoy reading your books. They are sincere and genuine. Keep writing, I read each of them. Yancey, Just curious…do you believe that John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey? Matthew Thank you so much Philip for sharing your story.

I grew up as an adoptee in a Mennonite Brethren Church. We could not dance or go to movies or date girls who did. That was the gist of it. Even so I accepted Jesus as my Saviour at about 7 yrs old. I am now going to be 66 yrs old next month. Many years ago I wrote a piece for you. I do not remember now for which publication. I still struggle with lack of self-confidence and procrastination when it comes to writing.

I will never forget a parent-teacher conference in high school with my English Lit. He strongly advised my parents to steer me into a writing career. At any rate your writings never fail to inspire me! If anyone will manage to get a fire going under my butt to get me writing more just reading your writings would do it! Your book has been convicting but freeing. And this is where we find ourselves struggling.

We get to churches and Bible studies and find ourselves being judged for having no children. We hear all the talk center around homosexuals being the most evil. And I doubt that I am with Christians. We bring up the fact that we ALL deserve judgement for our sins, and everyone is quiet. Everyone wants to focus on politics. So we find ourselves alone, a lot. When we find churches with decent preaching, we are often judged or find that the church has a strong sub-culture of modern identity and a lack of hospitality and love.

The story adds to the lovely book by Keller we are using for our book study. Grace and peace. I first read it about 8 years ago when something in me began to search for grace after years and years of growing up in a fundamentalist church and attending a very legalistic christian college. Our stories and many of the details are eerily similar. I believe this is because of the way that the pages are set up, in the medieval style that throws me.

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Although, I was happy to see that this coloring book works well with a variety of mediums, crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc. I used a wide variety when coloring my first of many pictures. I eventually decided that I preferred to use colored pencils, but this is my usual medium when coloring. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for something new in the devotional world, who also enjoys coloring. Jun 08, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-read-in The Parables of Jesus coloring book devotional is unlike any other Christian coloring book that I have seen.

Besides containing a devotional, this book also contains pictures that are a modern artist's rendition of Bible stories. They remind me of some of the beautiful stained glass windows that I have seen at some old churches with their bold lines and beg to be filled with bright colors. The devotionals in this coloring book all contain a Bible verse s followed by reflections on the verses for The Parables of Jesus coloring book devotional is unlike any other Christian coloring book that I have seen.

Because this book contains parables from Jesus, as one would expect, the readings are all from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This large, beautiful book roughly measures 10 inches square and contains 46 illustrations that correspond with each devotional. For coloring purposes, each picture is done on heavy paper with a blank back side making it nice to use for various mediums that you wish to work with.

I still prefer colored pencils but I know other people like to work with markers or water colors. This book could work for those mediums with pulling out the page or putting protection behind the picture you are working on. The Parables of Jesus coloring book would be a nice book for any creative person to use for their devotional time with God. I highly recommend this book for those who would like something different to color and study. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book. Jun 17, Joan rated it it was ok. Adult coloring books are popular, encouraging people to slow down in our frantic culture.

This book presents the opportunity of relaxing through coloring and being inspired by parables of Jesus. The text page contains the text of the parable, from one of a variety of translations, then a devotion based on that parable. A prompt for spiritual reflection or a prayer is included as well. Next is a blank page and then a page including an illustration that can be colored.

I found this odd as there is Adult coloring books are popular, encouraging people to slow down in our frantic culture. I found this odd as there is a blank page in between the text and the illustration. When coloring the illustration, opposite it was a blank page, the text for the illustration being on the previous page. I would much rather have had the text opposite the illustration. I could have then reviewed the parable while coloring. As presented, the text and illustration seemed disconnected. I suppose it allows for removing the text and illustration pages and displaying them, as the backs of both pages would be blank.

I found some of the illustrations a little disconcerting. The unusual positions of mouths and the oddly tilted heads seemed to make me less relaxed, not more. I found the devotions based on the parables to be insightful and encouraging. I do recommend this book to those who enjoy coloring or doodling. You will have the opportunity to do so as well as read good devotions based on the parables. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

Aug 25, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , christian. The Parables of Jesus is large and beautiful adult coloring book. It contains the parables of Jesus including the actual Gospel reading, a description and discussion of that reading, and some questions to ask yourself about the passage. Afterwards follows a detailed picture illustrating the parable for the adult to color. The pictures are on thick white paper that is easy to color.

The binding is glued. The pictures were of good detail for me to color with my coloring pencils, but not very fine The Parables of Jesus is large and beautiful adult coloring book. The pictures were of good detail for me to color with my coloring pencils, but not very fine detailed — which I like.

Some coloring books are so finely detailed, I have a hard time coloring them with my coloring pencils. What I liked best about this book was that it is an excellent way to relax while you are coloring and also spend devotional time reading and thinking about the parables. The parables are wonderful parts of the Gospel and I like how this book applies them to everyday life. May 26, Oak rated it really liked it. Perhaps a Sunday school class could use this book for a lesson on some of the parables! Because the book is a combination of a coloring book and devotional, it is easy to imagine reading one devotional page and completing one coloring page each day.

Each devotional page corresponds to one coloring book page. The illustrations remind me of ancient drawings, with an appealing archaic look. The coloring book pages include illustrations that require fine detail as well as illustrations that do not require fine detail. The corresponding coloring page features a fruitful tree with two people beside it, just waiting to be brought to life through colored pencils! Jun 06, Michelle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: families, individuals, and homeschoolers.

Shelves: adult-coloring-books , faithwords. The Parables of Jesus adult coloring book is a fun way to learn about Jesus teachings. For each lesson, the parable is written first, along with a discussion, an activity, and coloring pages. I enjoyed the activities because they can be done as a family while having your own discussion on the parable. I believe families and individuals should give this devotional a try as an exciting way to spend time with the Lord.

This devotional would also be good for homeschoolers to use during their Bible The Parables of Jesus adult coloring book is a fun way to learn about Jesus teachings. This devotional would also be good for homeschoolers to use during their Bible time. A whole week could be spent on one devotional.

The illustrators, Laura James and Katara Washington Patton, did a magnificent job designing the book. I recommend it to families, individuals, and homeschoolers. Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this coloring book by the publisher. All opinions are my own. This book is a blessing to me, my family and it will be to you and yours as well. You can connect with Catherine on Facebook to keep up with her and all her amazing work and inspiring story. Disclosure: I was provided this book for review from Kregel Publications.

Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced. Jul 02, Ibjoy Hannabass rated it it was amazing. Each of the forty devotions in this book deal with all kinds of situations, with one that is sure do help you at one time or another. I found the devotions simple and easy to read, yet powerfully encouraging and helpful. Each one is short, with beautiful peaceful and calming pictures throughout the book. For me, each devotion had a special message for me because of the difficult situations our family has been facing.

I love everything about this book! And the beauty of the book is breathtaking. The cover is strikingly beautiful, the colors are calming and peaceful, and the pictures inside will have you sitting and taking them in for a long time. I really want to encourage you to purchase a copy of this wonderful devotional for yourself. You will not be disappointed, I assure you. And it makes a beautiful book for your coffee table, which is just where mine is! I received this book from the publisher Kregel to read and review.

Jun 26, Mazzou B rated it it was ok. I was impressed by Catherine's obvious experiences with pain and disappointed which God used to bring her closer to him. I was prepared for a shallow book with constant reminders of ''God's love for everyone, despite their sin At least from looking at this little book. I was blessed by some of the nuggets of wisdom written in this book which is divided into 40 small chapters of verses and reminders of God's providence.

The fact t I was impressed by Catherine's obvious experiences with pain and disappointed which God used to bring her closer to him. The fact that she herself has dealt with great grief in the loss of her two daughters at early ages and with disappointment in that they were born with severe health problems shows through in the daily lessons on grief, prayer and understanding God's perfect will in every area of our lives. The book is simple enough for anyone to understand.

I received this book from the publisher to review, and was encouraged to state my honest opinion. From the website: The sight of a rainbow is more than a beautiful natural phenomenon. For behind each physical show is a reminder of a God who always keeps His promises — especially in the middle of life's storms. Bringing together a selection of promises from the bible, Catherine's writings encourage the reader to trust God for whatever situation they find themselves in. Uplifting and inspiring, this little gem will brighten any rainy day!

Jun 25, Renee K rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this devotional. Reading these devotionals has been very encouraging to me. Sometimes a book just speaks volume to you and this one did for me. It met me where I am at in my journey. Catherine is no stranger to heart ache and deep valleys.


Each devotional starts out with a scripture. The illustrations throughout the book ar I really enjoyed this devotional. The illustrations throughout the book are lovely and quite tranquil. The book is a good quality hard back. There are so many devotions that I enjoyed in this book. The one that spoke to me today was 17 from Isaiah So you will have to look it up yourself. Thank you Catherine for putting your heart into this book-it really shines through. I would recommend this book to just about anyone.

It would sure be a wonderful jewel for someone you know who has lots of rainy days. Disclaimer: I provided an advanced reader copy of this book from Kregel Publication for free in order to write this review.

My Favorite Christian Books & Devotionals + Firmoo Review!

All thoughts and opinions are mine and were not subject to editing from the publisher. Jan 20, Renee rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. Rainbows for Rainy Days by Catherine Campbell is a wonderful book filled with 40 devotional readings that reveal God's promises. We all go through hard times and troubles; it's a part of life. Rainbow for Rainy Days helps remind us of God's promises and reminds us that He will always be with us, in both the good and the hard times.

This book is meant for those times Rainbows for Rainy Days by Catherine Campbell is a wonderful book filled with 40 devotional readings that reveal God's promises. This book is meant for those times! Through Ms. Campbell's straight forward, heart warming stories she reminds us of how God can bless us even in the most challenging and difficult times. She reminds us to not forget to rach out to Him and that He will guide us each step of the way.

Many thanks to Kregel Publishing for the opportunity to review this book. My review reflects my honest opinion of this book. Jul 05, Lindsey Silvestrini rated it it was amazing. This is my favorite kind of devotional. Rainbows for Rainy Days really is like a rainbow peaking through the clouds. Campbell successfully finds the light in the darkness and brings hopeful words to the hopeless. Each day begins with a Bible verse. This is paramount in a successful devotional in my opinion. It gives you a personal connection to the author and lets you know that they know what they are talking a This is my favorite kind of devotional.

It gives you a personal connection to the author and lets you know that they know what they are talking about. Campbell has a gift for sharing the personal and connecting with her readers. I appreciated the wide variety of subjects even though there was one central theme. I loved the short length of the devotionals too. She goes into just enough detail to touch you and reach you but not too much so that she loses your attention. Jun 25, Tammy G. Rainbows for Rainy Days by Catherine Campbell is a collection of devotionals readings for 40 days. Catherine Campbell has dealt with quite a bit of grief and yet she knows that God is there for her just as He was there with a promise of the rainbow when Noah and his family had gone through some rough waters.

This small, hardback book is chock full of encouragement with Scriptures at the top of each page where the devotional begins. All of the devotionals are inspiring and encouraging but the one t Rainbows for Rainy Days by Catherine Campbell is a collection of devotionals readings for 40 days. All of the devotionals are inspiring and encouraging but the one that "popped" out at me was on p.

Joshua faced the biggest task and the biggest fear of his life. God saw his fear and God was telling Joshua, I will be with you every step of the way. Yes, Catherine has had devastating lost in her life but yet she writes not of her experiences but she writes from God's Word to encourage others. Such an encouraging read! This book makes a great gift or it would make a great "card" for someone who is going through a rough patch in life.

Jun 29, Tina Peterson rated it really liked it. This wonderful little book is ideal to give to someone that has been having a rough time and just needs a little encouragement during the bits of time they might have here and there to relax a little. Each of the 40 stories are short and are filled with little chunks of encouragement and include beautiful pictures. It's small enough to This wonderful little book is ideal to give to someone that has been having a rough time and just needs a little encouragement during the bits of time they might have here and there to relax a little.

It's small enough to throw in your purse or put in a care package for them. There are so many situations this could be used for whether it's terminal cancer, an ill child, someone facing bankruptcy or divorce and they would all find it comforting. I was not required to have a positive review and no money exchanged hands.

Thanks for reading! Jun 26, Veronica rated it it was amazing Shelves: biblical , new-author-to-you , non-fiction. This is a wonderful hardcover devotional that focuses on God's promises, especially ones that might not be so obvious! It features forty devotions two or three pages each with color photographs. There's a verse given first, then a personal story that leads into the devotion. The author has lost two children, so she when she talks about hard times, she knows. You can feel that she understands and that she's encouraging you to make it through, too.

I found this book to be just what I needed to read This is a wonderful hardcover devotional that focuses on God's promises, especially ones that might not be so obvious! I found this book to be just what I needed to read. So many of the devotions felt like they were directed at me and I found new insight into verses I've heard all of my life. I came away refreshed, encouraged, and reminded of who God is and that I'm never alone. This is definitely one I would want to read again.