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La Forge then promptly dismissed him. Wesley met the Enterprise -D's android operations officer Data upon joining the crew at Farpoint. The two became friends as they both possessed highly analytical minds. TNG : " The Battle ", " The Offspring " Data respected Wesley and along with the senior staff, recognized he was only a child but came to regard him as much more, although his "brother" Lore called him a " troublesome little man-child. Wesley and Data enjoyed doing recreational activities together during their time on the Enterprise , such as three-dimensional chess TNG : " Booby Trap " or comparing theories on expanding the Enterprise 's sensors.

Wesley requested that Data fill him in on who Salia of Daled IV was when he encountered her outside the transporter room. After Dr. Ira Graves secretly downloaded his "consciousness" into Data's neural net , Wesley expressed concern about Data, particularly during his eulogy to Graves when he said " to know him was to love him and to love him was to know him.

When Wesley returned to the Enterprise in , Data expressed confusion over Wesley's moody behavior when he did not respond to one of his "jokes" involving security. Wesley met Guinan , the Enterprise 's wise and mysterious bartender in Ten Forward shortly after she arrived aboard the ship in TNG : " The Child ". Wesley was considering leaving to join his mother at Starfleet Medical and stared out the windows of Ten Forward while considering his future.

Guinan came up to him and asked him several times if he wanted anything. Wesley wondered why she had asked him three times if wanted something when he said no. Guinan said she was just doing what she was expected to do. She asked him if he always did what was expected of him. Mostly because of this conversation, Wesley decided to remain on board. When Wesley accidentally released nanites on the Enterprise , he encountered Guinan in Ten Forward while he was setting traps for them in the bar.

Wesley confessed to her that he likely caused the various computer problems on the ship.

The Weasley Family Origins Explained (+Fred's Death)

Wesley assured her that the nanites were just a science project, to which Guinan said " you know, a doctor friend once said the same thing to me. Frankenstein was his name. The Traveler was immediately fascinated with Wesley's mind, as well as his solutions to complex problems. While in sickbay, The Traveler told Picard that Wesley was very special, in that he saw time and space not as the separate things they appeared to be. After The Traveler took the Enterprise to the end of the universe, Wesley helped him return the ship back to its original heading before he faded away.

Three years later, The Traveler reappeared on the Enterprise to assist Wesley in helping his mother Beverly escape from a warp bubble he had created before it collapsed. TNG : " Remember Me ". Wesley, at this point in his life had become sullen and rude as a result of his displeasure with his Starfleet career.

The Traveler, after revealing his true identity to Wesley, encouraged him to explore places where thought and energy combine in ways he could not possibly imagine. Wesley then left Starfleet to explore new planes of existence with The Traveler as his guide. Wesley met an allasomorph named Salia on her journey to Daled IV , the planet that she was to rule.

However, she deceived him about how she truly appeared and he was understandably upset when it was revealed to him in the manner that it was. He was able to reconcile with Salia before she left Enterprise. Wesley briefly became involved with Annette , a young woman who lived on the Enterprise in His mother Beverly asked Guinan what she knew about her. Wesley met Ensign Robin Lefler when he visited the Enterprise while on a break from the Academy in The two became close during their brief time together, which included having dinner in Ten Forward.

The two were later instrumental in rescuing the Enterprise crew from the Ktarian game introduced by Etana Jol. Wesley later gave Lefler a kiss when they parted ways; she in turn gave him a copy of her " Laws ". Wesley was holographically duplicated at least twice. Reginald Barclay in recreated Wesley at least twice when he was suffering from holo-addiction. In one of his holo-fantasies , Wesley was an ill-mannered slob and his mother had to chide him, saying that "Master Barclay" would spank him if he misbehaved.

In another, the entire crew of the Enterprise -D was recreated, and this Wesley was present when Barclay said goodbye to his fantasies and deleted the programs. TNG : " Hollow Pursuits ". In an alternate timeline , Wesley was a commissioned officer during the Federation's war with the Klingons in TNG : " Yesterday's Enterprise ". Wesley was a tactical officer in a parallel universe.

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In one quantum reality , Wesley Crusher served as a full lieutenant on the USS Enterprise -D under the command of Captain Riker with the positions of security chief and tactical officer in TNG : " Parallels ". Wesley Crusher was played by Wil Wheaton. William A. Wallace played year-old Wesley in " Hide and Q ". According to StarTrek. Gene's middle name was Wesley. During the early development of the series, Robert Justman convinced Roddenberry to change the character into a female, with the name "Leslie Crusher".

As Justman told him, " Geez, everybody has boy teenagers; let's do a girl. Let's explore the problems that female adolescents go through, you know, because that's never done. The 23 March Writers' Bible described the character as:. Wesley Crusher also has the distinction of being one of sci-fi's most hated characters.

Additionally, statistical analysis done by Datascope Analytics shows that episodes with Wesley tend to have significantly lower ratings than those without. Fans expressed annoyance that Wesley always seemed to be the one to save the Enterprise, however, during an interview on DVD special features, Wheaton claimed that Wesley only saved the ship 'one and a half times. According to Wheaton, even he hated Wesley after these kinds of scenes.

Other complaints include the costume department's selection of sweaters for him and the treatment he received by most of the directors. In his words, only one treated him as a person instead of a living prop. No explanation for his return from his journey with The Traveler was given. This scene is also featured in the novelization of Nemesis. This was first reported in January on Wil Wheaton's blog.

Letterman surprised her with a clip of her appearance on TNG, where she went on a date with Wesley Crusher. This was also reported by About Sci-Fi , which added to the report " Wil Wheaton, however, says he's heard nothing about that. Somehow, I'm not surprised Wesley doesn't know he's married.

Later on, " Judd's spokesperson denied this cameo appearance.

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There was no mention by him about Judd or Lefler. In the A Time for War, A Time for Peace novel series, Wesley's uniform is explained by him showing up to Riker's and Troi's wedding naked, having expected a Betazoid wedding , and the uniform lent to him. In this continuity, Wesley was still a Traveler and had not returned to Starfleet. Also, according to this novel, his full name is Wesley Eugene Crusher. Two different versions of his mirror universe counterpart appeared in the novel Dark Mirror and the novella The Worst of Both Worlds.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Multiple realities covers information from several alternate timelines. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved August 26, Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas. Retrieved October 18, CBS Local. Archived from the original on November 15, Retrieved July 24, Ukiah Daily Journal.

Suicide girls. June 3, Archived from the original on June 28, Monolith Press. Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved September 21, If prayers did anything, they'd still be alive, you worthless sack of shit" Tweet — via Twitter. Wil Wheaton dot Net.

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The Weasley family tree - Pottermore

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The Wil Wheaton Project. Dark Matter. Mystery Science Theater Bill Nye Saves the World. Whose Line is it Anyway? Retarded Policeman 5: Writers Strike [98]. His name is perfect for him, and it goes well with his big sister's name Vivian. Some people have asked if I got the idea from the character in the Princess Bride, but I've actually loved the name since the character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

I chose this as a middle name for my son, though I love it as a first name too. The name goes very well with Ryan and Kyle. I ended up naming my son "Ryan Wesley".

Wesley Name Meaning & Origin

I've heard that Wesley is an anglicized version of the name "Wenceslas," meaning Great Glory. Other meanings are: English "western meadow" or also "from the Western Meadow". Search for a Name. What are his siblings named?