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Please be aware that some of those e. Their language is generally relatively simple, yet includes a large number of important phrases, and the pronunciation of the speakers concise. And a lot of them are easily available on YouTube. In order to find those just e. One of the most entertaining ways to immerse yourself in a new language is through its movies.

You can kick back and get entertained while at the same time brushing up on your language skills. Regardless of your current language skills, you are bound to pick up something new. Even absolute beginners can benefit. Obviously the term was used so regularly that it stuck in her mind and she is still able to remember that word whenever she travels to Germany.

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You could even do all three, i. What is never really mentioned, however, is the idea to use silent movies Stummfilme as a learning tool. True, there is only a hardcore set of movie fans left who still explore those films regularly, yet once you start to get into their archaic world and rhythm you will see that they provide wonderful imagery that is bound to live with you for quite some time.

Given that the majority of these products are indeed silent, all you really need to understand are the German language intertitles. Pause a proper modern movie in between and you have bizarre random cut-offs of faces and interrupt the natural pattern of speech between characters. Of course, whenever silent movies are still shown these days, they usually come with English language intertitles, so make sure to purchase DVDs that offer the original German intertitles as an option.

As silent movies by and large are out of copyright, they can also easily be tracked through YouTube or Archive. Below please find some examples of German silent movies with German intertitles to get you started. Mind you, some of them feature a more old-style way of writing and some have additional Spanish or English subtitles but these should still give you something of a head start nonetheless. Please also note that some of those productions are sliced up into various parts that can all be found online as well.

The term der Schlager , plural: die Schlager describes nothing else but a German pop song. The good news for German learners is that these songs by and large operate with a relatively simple vocabulary that is generally sung very clearly and with a catchy rhythm and melody that makes the lyrics easy enough to remember. Check this YouTube clip to get an idea what I am talking about. In English we speak about things that are as big as something else but bigger than.

Cinematic, erotic short films based on your anonymous confessions and fantasies. Try it.

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Download films and compilations, made by me and my favourite directors. My curated online cinema with the best in new adult film from around the world Enter. I pledge to create new waves in adult cinema. Trailer Watch Now. Germany enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. In winter and during the transitional periods of spring and autumn, a warm sweater, a warm jacket and weather-proof shoes should always be in your suitcase.

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A rain jacket and an umbrella are also good to have with you in every season. Survival Foods. Apart from the usual international hotel chains that can be found in Germany — including the Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and Best Western — to name but a few — it is also recommended that you take a look at local accommodation offers. These will usually include family-run hotels or guesthouses that offer overnight accommodations in addition to their restaurants.

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Even if you are not likely to find more than 3 star ratings at these establishments, such hotels usually have a more personal atmosphere, are less expensive, and are simply the perfect complement to getting to know a German city. If you're looking to get a quick idea for how much hotels are in a specific city, you can look up Berlin or Munich or other comparison sites.

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The Germans love international cuisine. This makes it easy to find Italian, Turkish, Greek and Chinese restaurants even in smaller German towns. It is worth it, however, to also take note of the local cuisine. Some restaurants offer delicacies that you should be sure not to miss. This contains a list of the recommended dishes, which are being offered in addition to the standard menu on that particular day.

These are often dishes that are only available seasonally and are therefore freshly prepared. In addition, they are usually a particularly good value for the money. Recommendations for restaurants and shops with German food worldwide could be find at Leibspeise. Leibspeise is a private project of two German travelers. A tip is always given in restaurants and for small services in hotels, at full-service gas stations, and in taxis. If you were well served in a restaurant and are satisfied with the meal, it is considered very rude not to give a tip.

This would also be embarrassing for the other guests at the table. Anyone who intends to spend a few weeks or more in Germany, is best of buying prepaid phones in the next telephone shop that you encounter.

Hi! I’m Erika Lust.

Cheaper pre-paid rates are now available in supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, Plus and Norma. Within your own four walls, a fixed line provider is recommended who can offer land line telephone service, mobile telephone service, Internet service, and possibly even cable TV as a package deal. Rates and technology continue to change so rapidly, however, so it is necessary to seek several offers from different service providers once you have arrived and are settled into an apartment.

Traditionally, the Germans purchased daily necessities in stores that were located around the central marketplace of their towns. Over time, however, these areas have increasingly become pedestrian zones, and families have begun to shop in industrial parks on the outskirts of towns where they can buy goods in bulk and pack them into closely parked cars. For this reason, you will find most big supermarkets, shoe stores, discount retailers, electrical and hardware stores right outside of most German towns. As a consequence, retailers in town centers are struggling to survive while they also have to make room for many souvenir shops, mobile shops and boutiques.

This trend, which began relatively late in Germany in comparison to other countries, has resulted in city grocers having a rather limited selection — in fact, you may have to search a while before finding a grocery store in a town center. Nevertheless, the pedestrian areas are generally very attractive shopping areas that are interspersed with nice cafes and restaurants.

A modern example of this is the Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. On www. Leisure, sports, and cultural events. Open the local events section of any German newspaper, and you will be amazed by the variety of festivals, concerts, sporting events, exhibitions and other leisure activities that you can attend — and not just on weekends.

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There really is something for everyone. Whether you want to be active yourself or to just be entertained: the newspaper is a good source of choices for making spontaneous decisions. However, if you would like to make plans further in advance, look for a city magazine, which will usually be available with up-to-date information every month or 14 days. Gambling in Germany Gambling in Germany Gambling is just about as old as mankind.

Even back during the age of the ancient Romans, various dice games were quite popular. In Germany, it seems as though one out of every two citizens is engaging in some form of lottery; that's about half the population. There are several different forms of gambling that German citizens enjoy, probably the most popular being the various forms of lotteries regular and television lotteries.