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I know how she would react to something better than I know how I would. We appeared in what I think was the first DeeBee Books anthology together. What was that experience like compared to the one you had with David on this book? The writing process for my short story in The Stranger Side of Tomorrow was more rushed but pushed me to write concisely as I so often fail to.

Realm of Fantasy

I was extremely grateful to find the deadlines more permissive when it came to Anelisha Knight In the Yarns of Gods. That allowed me to do my best work with a longer piece. Did you learn anything from the process? Has it had any sort of influence over your writing process? Did you do some research for this book? Whether it was some historical stuff or just work done by other fantasy writers. I think the main reason I retained anything from high school was because I convinced myself it would come in handy in my writing, and then found some way to justify the delusion.

Did you have to cut anything out of the book that you really wanted to be in it? Initially, the book contained too many characters to keep track of and everyone had an animal companion. Anelisha Knight In the Yarns of Gods has gone through so many changes from the original manuscript, titled The Accident, that the final product is almost unrecognizable and for all the best reasons. I can only imagine there are some scenes left on the cutting room floor that really held my interest back then, but for the sake of coherency in the final product, I only sprinkled little hints of these in for flavour.

If any scene or section of the book felt as though it was dragging, I asked myself if, as a reader, I would lose interest, and I fixed it accordingly.

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The point of this book is to be entertained, as with most if not all fantasy books. I just want my readers to have fun and feel emotions, and I get to tell a meaningful story about a girl, her friends, and the fate of a magical civilization in the process. I have to say that I really love the cover design for your book, and I got a peek at the original concept you had on Facebook.

What was it like working on the cover? Did DeeBee do most of the work and submit you concepts, or were you kind of involved throughout most of the process? My doodle acted as a frame of reference for illustrators that DeeBee got in contact with, and I was happy to let DeeBee carry out the interaction from there. In the end, DeeBee allowed me to choose from a handful of designs and made sure I was happy with the result. Have you read any reviews for the book yet? I saw some really kind words being said about the book on Goodreads.

The feedback has been incredibly encouraging. The void is nicer than I expected. What does your plan moving forward with those books look like? Julia is a graduate of Carleton University. View all posts by oaradmin. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Stock - Featured. Tutorials - Featured. So you think you can Design a Logo?

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Previously Featured. Blogs - Features and Discussions. I Challenge You v. Hello everyone, Welcome to a second edition of a brand new art challenge courtesy of your Community Volunteers. We present to you a revised version of the last "I Challenge You" contest wherein this time you will not be paired with other deviants but rather you will work individually and be challenged by a Community Volunteer!

We hope this will help get you out of your comfort zone and practice your creative skills, this time on a very individualistic level. How it works: Step 1 Leave a comment on this journal with: the specific art medium you'd like to be challenged within, and a list of things you refuse to create. Do not include any other information, this is all we require from you.

Please choose from the list below. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. For example, I read so many of the African epics, which to me are on par with anything from Homer. What were you listening to while writing this one?

In the realm of fantasy

The headphones were on when I got off the bike and the headphones were still on when I sat down at the desk and turned on the laptop and wrote. I open the window so I can hear traffic. A student of mine from India just wrote an essay in my class where he talks about how he finds noise and chaos comforting. I know exactly what he means. I grew up in noise. I grew up in a big family. I read in quiet like everybody else. I think it feeds me in that way. Again, growing up in a noisy house in a noisy city, you just come to peace with noise and that adds to the musicality of it.

A lot of ancient epics are written to be ballads. To me, writing to be read aloud is important. I still write that way. Music helps you memorize. And these were oral traditions that were not written down for a long time, true? JAMES: Most of them were still not written down — and certainly not written down by the people who were voicing these traditions.

The thing is, English is my language. But what I had to let go of here are the rules of English.

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  4. The credit to African language is that the verb always stays present. ERDRICH: You know, the last time I saw you, you were cooking for everybody — and the food was so good everyone was trying to be really civil and not grab away the last piece of lamb.

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    Are you still cooking? Michael Pollan has influenced me. He said you only need to follow one diet rule: Eat whatever you want, just cook it yourself. So, Michael Pollan, I baked a Greek apple—and-brandy cake last weekend.