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With the gorgeous cover which appeared more urban fantasy than the actual paranormal romance story itself , enticing blurb and being eager to try out Carina's new books, I jumped at the chance to read this galley thank you Carina for no DRM and changeable formats. Unfortunately, I had a hard time connecting with the characters and the world within Motor City Fae. The hero and heroine's feelings at their first meeting had a 'hit the ground and start running feel to it rather than allowing for tension and chemistry grow between the two.

This would have nicely built up a way for the reader to root for them and also would have given the reader time to get to know the characters rather than constantly be told explicit descriptions of how body parts were affected by the other. There is an explicit sex scene towards the beginning that pushes this into erotica territory for me and the characters couldn't make a move without getting turned on or thinking about sex.

Plot seems to have been thrown aside at this point in the story. I would have loved to have gotten to know the characters more and had the tension build until a later love scene which seals the deal between the two so it doesn't feel like a gimmick to keep the reader interested.

As mentioned before, the world building could have been more established early on to bring the reader into the plot. There were many instances of long expositions where Ric would tell Meagan who her family was, what the Fae were all about and how she tied into the Fae realm. In other instances, there were short cuts where some good description would help this reader imagine the uniqueness of the land and its people for instance, the court members were described as "looking like a character from Lord of the Rings".

The story mainly spends its time laying things out via a road trip and other excursions despite the rush to get Meagan to the Fae realm before it's too late. Once the characters would attempt to go in a direction to move the plot to the next level, they would make a detour to a club or party which seemed to come out of nowhere. While good for establishing the setting and character backgrounds, the exposition scenes broke the flow of the story just when we're getting somewhere good. Shortly after the halfway point, I finally started to get into the story and have a chance to enjoy the world of the Fae.

There were only instances where I was yanked out of the story by modern curse words but it was still enjoyable to see more action with Meagan taking out two Fae assassins with a baseball bat no less! Pape has the beginnings of a interesting world and I'm curious to see how and if she tackles it down the road. After reading similar favorites in the genre, I can't help but notice how the territory feels traveled but not quite changed enough to make it unique from the others.

All in all, even though the book doesn't break any new ground for the paranormal genre, readers who are looking for an erotic light paranormal romance will enjoy Motor City Fae, the first in the Urban Arcana series. Galley reviewed via Netgalley, courtesy of the publisher. Jan 02, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , Not that the description didn't sound good, it's just that I didn't know anything about it. In the end, I'm happy with the book. It had a nice mix of romance and plot. The main character's name is Meagan and she is just a regular old artist that's living in Detroit and she has some weird dreams every once in awhile.

When she has a strange dream that's not her usual dose of crazy she gets a little freaked out I read this for one of my group's BOM, otherwise I'm not sure I would have picked it up. When she has a strange dream that's not her usual dose of crazy she gets a little freaked out and wonders what is coming. Well, his name is Ric and he's about to upend Meagan's whole world.

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He's on a mission to find the heiress to a throne and not just any human throne because that would be so boring but a Fae one. And of course, not everyone wants Meagan to get there and there are many assassination attempts and evil doers out to get her and her escort. So I did like the romance between Meagan and Ric although even for me it was a little instantaneous. I just had to suspend reality and there were a few moments when I said to myself "If I had just met this strange guy would I go run off to a house party with him? Probably not. I liked Meagan and thought she was a nice heroine for the story, although she did believe them pretty quickly about her heritage.

I might have questioned a bit more. But still, she had some spunk to her and she definitely wasn't one to pass out and let the manly men handle her problems. Keep an eye out for the baseball bat scene, that was just priceless! I also liked the little band of side characters that were woven in and out of the main storyline.

There were a few that intrigued me and I think the next book might be about some that I would definitely be interested in reading about. The court intrigue and the queen felt like every other book that has a Fae court, except this queen was practically nice. So that was a tad bit boring, I actually could have done with a few more battles and less talking during all those scenes.

I'll definitely be reading the next book in the series although I'm questioning if I want to buy it or wait for the library to find it for me. But I am curious as to what is going to happen next with some of the side characters. View all 5 comments. I enjoyed Meagan's love for painting and Ric's love of music.

The story was a fun quick read with just enough action to keep it it interesting. I liked how Meagan dealt with her new reality. I also loved Elise and can't wait to learn more about her in her book. I really fell for both of the MCs. Meagan was a bit over the top with a accepting all the changes and surprises that were thrown her direction.

I would have like a bit more detailed world building but overall a decent read. Sep 26, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: could-not-finish. Maybe would have been ok, but the narrator made it unlistenable. Jul 19, Miz Love rated it it was amazing. Ric is a spy for Llyris, Queen of Elfhame. As the tale progresses and the pair become closer, Meagan discovers who she really is—and who Ric really is.

I did too—had no trouble accepting it at all. It was like I was under some spell that made the fantastical utterly believable. Ric only has a certain amount of time to get her there, so the race is on. Because of Owain and his meddling, all the people Meagan has discovered as otherworldly beings must flee to safety, herself and Ric included. She not only looked idiotic, she probably looked like an idiotic raccoon. LOL She wondered if it worked for laundry, or cleaning bathrooms.

Ear boy. On steroids. Her Royal Bitchiness. Not even on old reruns of Dynasty. Verdict: Motor City Fae is a really cool tale where our world mixes with another, with people of many fantasy races, all living together in harmony—until someone like Owain comes along, of course. Feb 23, Heather rated it it was amazing. Like many with an eReader, I am not wild about agency pricing for eBooks, so I have been sniffing through the good indie presses.

There are differences in tone and pace at the indies - it seems to me that my made-for-indie eBooks move at a breakneck pace in comparison to books that are originally print and then converted to eBook format. Stylistic differences aside, good reads are to be had at both indie and agency pubs. Dear Author has talked a bit about how in this new deluge of digital info, how will readers find good books?

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By following authors? She and Carina in general have some smart, savvy ideas about what makes a good read, and how eBooks are the future. Disclaimer time: I am loosely associated with Dark Roast Press, and do eBook layout and typeset, though not as much as I used to. Back to Ms. James and the awesome Cindy Spencer Pape. My tastes in romance are very much like my tastes in GenFic. I read Lit Fic too, but that area of publishing is just not getting on the eBook train fast enough to suit my liking.

My eyes kept wandering back to Motor City Fae as I clicked around the site. The cover was pretty, and I liked the excerpt. That is my process on any book, e- or print, btw. Ooh, shiny! Read blurb. N: move on, or Y. Read excerpt. Pape did a great job in worldbuilding in MCF. Given my personal tastes, a weak worldbuilding experience is a total turn off. I loved how the Fae world and mundane overlapped in creative and unexpected ways. Meagan and Ric, the leads, had great chemistry. Now, Ms. I gobbled the book up in a day, and then promptly went back to Carina and downloaded Motor City Witch.

Jun 03, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: Minor Spoilers in my review, it was hard to express some of my feelings about the book with taking certain examples from the story. I really enjoyed so many things about this book. Firstly it was very easy to get involved in the story. The story line was very original as far as fantasy books involving Fae and other magical creatures go. The story never got boring or slow, it kept me turning pages until the very end.

I loved that she gave detailed descriptions of the characters and of the fantasy Minor Spoilers in my review, it was hard to express some of my feelings about the book with taking certain examples from the story.

Cindy Spencer Pape | Detroit is Fae City…

I loved that she gave detailed descriptions of the characters and of the fantasy world she created in her story without going overboard and killing you with the details. I loved that Meagan is strong and successful and can do things all by herself and doesn't rely anyone to take care of her and do everything for her even after she falls in love. Most everything about the book was great but there were a few things that could have been changed that would have made me, personally enjoy it more. One thing in the story that I didn't enjoy so much because it was so overdone was there were too many sex scenes.

It seems that Meagan and Ric could never ever ever be alone together without ripping each others clothes off. I guess I just expected a little more of a fantasy, romance type book and less erotica to me 20 sex scenes isn't romance it's just sex. After a few times reading page after page of sex I found myself skimming which was frustrating because there were so many exciting things going on in the story that I would have liked to keep reading about.

Also there really isn't much of a climax to the story. There is so much build up of the danger to Meagan and so many people assigned to protect her, but when it finally comes down to it three ish pages later she is fine and all the worry is over and and everyone goes to live happily ever after. Don't get me wrong I love a good happily ever after I just like when they really have to work at it, and there are some major nail biting parts before they get there.

This is the first in the series though so the author may just be getting started with the intense action. I guess my biggest complaint about the book is all of the build up to so many problems and dangers and then feeling like the parts that should be the most intense and all of the things you have been waiting for are skimmed over. Like with Ric's relationship with the queen, he is so terrified for her to find out how he feels for Meagan and spends page after page worrying and trying to find a solution and then Meagan gets snotty and says something really obvious to the queen and the queen almost smiles, gives up and everything is over.

I feel like I have spent too much time on the negatives though, I really had a fun time reading this book and it is definitely a series I would continue to read. May 14, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-books. Motor City Fae was an unexpected treat. I mean, I don't typically request review copies of books I don't think I'll enjoy, but I wasn't prepared to be engrossed in this book the way that I was. The characters were interesting and well developed, the romance was sweet and engaging, and the supernatural elements involving the fae were interesting as well. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this book teachers the old dog elements of the genre new tricks, so to speak, but it was definitely an enjoy Motor City Fae was an unexpected treat.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that this book teachers the old dog elements of the genre new tricks, so to speak, but it was definitely an enjoyable way to spend a Friday evening and sent me scurrying back to NetGalley in hopes of securing the sequel which I did. Meagan Kelly is likable enough- she's an artist with a whimsical personality, a great cast of friends and a boatload of talent.

She's no rockstar but she's content in her life and how it's going. When she ends up at a friend's bar after a serendipitous meeting with a super hot guy outside the community center where she teachers art and magically, the same guy is the featured musician for the night, she's excited.

Little does she know that Ric Thornhill is three things: hot, as she figured on her own, not human, as she quickly figures out, and not the bearer of good news, which is sad news for her. It seems Miss Meagan is actually the long lost heir to a powerful Fae household, and her vote is needed to keep the current queen on the throne and prevent a truly evil bad guy from usurping the throne and the power that goes with it.

Ric's been charged with bringing Meagan back to Faerie in one piece, ready to cast the vote needed to maintain safety and the status quo. He's on a tight time schedule, thanks to the queen's whims, and the interference by the Supreme Bad Guy only puts Meagan in danger and endangers them getting to the church on time, so to speak.

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In the process, they run across a wide variety of supernatural folks who make up the supporting cast, and it's the relationships that emerge between these characters and the history they all have with each other that make this story memorable. Meagan and Ric do fall in love, and they do have to figure out how they're going to be together in the face of pretty serious outside influences being the plaything of the queen of the fae makes for sticky situations, don't you know but there's never a sense of despair, only one of hope.

I found myself wanting to know more about the world where the story was set and wanting to know more about the motives and entanglements of the characters. I was stoked to find out that the next book in the series is already available and the third one is due out this summer! If you're looking for a fun, detailed read with a great romance and not too much spice enough to get the job done though, don't get me wrong then Motor City Fae is a definite option for you. May 11, Angela rated it it was ok Shelves: ebooks , paranormal-romance , carina.

About Carina Press

I'm a well-documented sucker for books involving the Sidhe, as one would guess given that I've actually written one! But that's also a bane when it comes to writing reviews of similar books, on the grounds that I have to acknowledge a certain "but I would have done it differently" factor. You'r I'm a well-documented sucker for books involving the Sidhe, as one would guess given that I've actually written one! You're not human!

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  7. You have paranormal blood and abilities, and by extension, this does mean that yes, magic is real, here's an unbelievably gorgeous paranormal-type love interest for you, and oh hey here's a threat to your life as well. In this particular case, the heroine is the artist Meagan Kelley and the unbelievably gorgeous love interest is the elf Ric Thornhill. Much is made over how gorgeous these two find each other, and unfortunately, I'm also well-documented as preferring less overt sex in a plot. So that this book was frequently sexually explicit was a strike against it for me.

    Mind you, I'm not saying the characters didn't have chemistry or a good relationship; it's just that it was more explicit than I tend to go for. So if you dive into this one, know that going in. People who like more explicit paranormal romance will probably eat this one up. That said, though, I did like several other aspects of the book, I'll grant. There's some decently suspenseful bits here and some good action scenes, once things actually get rolling past the "how hot do the lead characters find each other?

    And I did appreciate the way the author acknowledged that just because the fae are magical does not mean they're turning up their noses at the use of modern technology. I've already got Book 2, so I will be reading that. But by and large, this one didn't quite work for me. Two stars. Aug 24, Shelleyrae at Book'd Out rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-reviews. She is unaware thta she paints the landscapes of Underhill, the Fae realm where her father was once know as Lord Rose.

    Underhill is facing rebellion and the Queen has sent her favoured bard, Alaric to find Megan and secure her vote. Blissfully ignorant of any ulterior motive, Meagan is stunned by her attraction to the mysterious Ric. Alaric can't hide teh truth of his mission for long, Owain is determined to stop Megan casting her vote and wreak vegenance on the human world. Megan is likeable, showing common sense and self reliance when its called upon. She has some amusing one liners and makes some witty observations which demonstrate a sense of humor. The character takes an awful lot on faith though and it seems she should have been a little more thrown by the truth of her parentage.

    Alaric is a stereotypical hero, there are some interesting glimpses into his background but weren't quite developed well enough to give him enough depth. While Motor City Fae is a paranormal romance, it nudges the erotica genre with several explicit and hot, lust fuelled encounters between Megan and Ric. I think these were well written and certainly the quickest way to ensure trust and intimacy between the two characters. The plot of Motor City Fae is reasonably solid. It would benefit from the timeline being tweaked as the sense of urgency that the plot is based on stalls at certain points.

    The climax fades a little with convenient resolutions but there is a satisfying HEA for romance fans. The book has some interesting potential as a series. There is a variety of supernatural beings to provide interest, as well as the ability to shift easily between worlds and even places giving the author plenty of opportunity to explore. Motor City Fae is a light, sexy paranormal romance that is an entertaining read with lots of potential to become a strong series. Aug 18, April rated it liked it Shelves: sexy-naughty-books , urban-fantasy , amazon-review-posted , romance , blogged , , reviewed , paranormal , fae-magic , audio-book-challenge.

    Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews This was a really interesting read. Most of the time the story revolved around the vote at court, so the world building was no as in-depth as I would have liked. It was an interesting story and entertaining just more of a steady flow than fast paced. Meagan is actually a really awesome chick, I love that she did not go all damsel in distress and helped save herself.

    I would definitely be interested in hearing more about her powers. I loved her sass! Ric is yummy and he can sing!! I love a delicious guy who can take charge. I would have liked him a touch more Alpha, although I am sure he has it in him especially after his fighting. Terrific mixed narrative, easily swaps POV between the two lead characters. I love this style because you get a fuller picture of what everyone is feeling. The steam is quite smexy!

    Publisher Description

    Plenty of hot and heavy action. They have an attraction from the very first touch, so they jump in bed together quickly. I am fine with that, the relationship was believable even with the time frame. Oh la, the smexy is really yummy to read! You'll need to fan your face more than once. The story is really interesting it just could have used a touch more. A lot of characters are introduced and I am curious to see their stories. This is a promising start to the series. I really hope the other books happen in Detroit. I can't wait to see what happens with these characters. I listened to the audio-book, the narrator, Terry Donnelly, does a great job.

    She has distinct voices for each character. The only complaint I have is that the heroine had a slight British accent, even though she was born and raised in Detroit. Dec 14, Emm rated it really liked it. This book started kind of slow for me and a bit stereotypical, but after I kept plugging at it, it proved to be quite enjoyable.

    The book was a bit on the slow end for me until the characters got to the Fae Court. I loved the court intrigue and could have done with a good deal more of it and more development of it. Such as, who else was on the council and more detail about Quinn and Fianna. How is it that she's on Aidan's staff and be Owain's niece. I also found it irritating that Meagan asked a This book started kind of slow for me and a bit stereotypical, but after I kept plugging at it, it proved to be quite enjoyable.

    I also found it irritating that Meagan asked about da,n near everything except two questions that really burned in my mind: Why the hell was Fianna and Sinead being such jerks to her. I wanted Meagan to ask Aidan especially about that, but it turned out that her not asking was a plot device kind of. I wasn't surprised when she turned about to be the saboteur. I was also annoyed with how easily Meagan took Ric's already established relationship with the queen.

    I expected the blow up to be a lot bigger to be honest, especially since Ric kept bringing it up and it built to be. It didn't really seem to matter in the end. And the Queen's infamous temper didn't seem to be so intense. She gave in to Meagan and Ric getting married quite easily, in my opinion. In a way it felt as if that whole subplot should have been resolved over another book or two, with more court intrigue. I don't know if I'm going to read the next books in the series.

    Especially after I found out that the third is about Fianna. I really hate her and don't want to read her HEA. Right now, as bad as it might sound, I don't think she deserves one. Nov 03, Linda Andrews rated it really liked it.

    Motor City Fae (Urban Arcana, #1)

    Artist Meagan Kelly has made a success of bringing the fairytale scenes from her dreams to life on canvass. Unfortunately, her adoptive parents never lived to see it. She's considering searching for her birth family when Ric Thornhill finds her. There's more to Ric than a successful music career. He's a fae, and not just any fae, he's been sent by the queen of the fairies to find the daughter of the House of Rose. His scrying techniques lead him to Meagan. And since the bad guys followed him, the Artist Meagan Kelly has made a success of bringing the fairytale scenes from her dreams to life on canvass.

    And since the bad guys followed him, they now know where Meagan is. You see, Meagan holds a key vote on the upcoming Seelie council vote. The one that had been held by her murdered father. The one that can decide if the Fae wage war against the humans. Ric's life depends on him keeping Meagan safe and alive for the upcoming vote. What he doesn't count on is the attraction he feels for her. Meagan accepts her Fae heritage with remarkable aplomb. Sure, she has a bit of a thing for Ric's pointy ears and she's desperate for a family connection, but nothing seems to faze her.

    Not even learning that she's apparently surrounded herself with otherworldly creatures or that Detroit is pretty much packed with them. That minor grievance aside, Motor City Fae is a fun and lighthearted romp between dimensions.

    Reading the Paranormal: Review: Motor City Fae (Urban Arcana #1) by Cindy Spencer Pape

    Ms Pape doesn't disappoint is bringing to life the glitter and sparkle of the Fae world, so much that sometimes I felt I'd stepped into a Thomas Kincaid painting. If you're looking to escape into a magical world, I'd recommend picking up a copy of Motor City Fae. Jun 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: para-faeries. Motor City Fae was a light, fun and carefree read with extremely likable characters. I felt as though I had known the characters forever. Each time a new character was introduces, I cared about them wholeheartedly. There were many erotic sex scenes in this book and the sex was absolutely necessary to the storyline.

    It was pretty damn hot, too. I'm just not sure it was really necessary for Megan and Ric to have sex so many times. Two or three times would have made the point without making me want Motor City Fae was a light, fun and carefree read with extremely likable characters. Two or three times would have made the point without making me want to skim past the umpteenth sex scene to get back to the plot.

    When I was dreaming up my Urban Arcana series of paranormal romances, though, I never thought twice about using Detroit as the home for elves, witches, werewolves and more. So why is the Motor City such a perfect backdrop? That diversity could easily include other species. The city is built over salt mines, and salt figures frequently in legend and myth. All the abandoned factories full of rusting iron lend ideal settings for supernatural activities. And yet, Detroit has positive attributes which often go unsung.