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L'Autre est donc en panne de consistance imaginaire. Il y a une panne du Surmoi, dit J. L'adolescent et ses rites de passage. Il rappelle que c'est l'ouvrage de Arnold Van Gennep, " Les rites de passage ", en , qui introduit ce concept. Jean-Claude Stoloff. Stoloff, sont pour le sujet humain Simone Korff-Sausse. Figures du handicap. Korff-Sausse analyse ce qui, dans le handicap, effraie et induit le rejet.

Julien Friedler. Psychanalyse et Neurosciences. PUF, Bernard Douet. Josef Schovanec. Bertrand Jordan. Alexis Garino. L'autiste, son double et ses objets. Alain Rouby. Eduquer et soigner l'enfant psychotique. Rosine et Robert Lefort. La distinction de l'autisme. Carole Tardif, Bruno Gepner. Sous la direction de Pierre Delion. Corps, psychose et institution.

Laurent Danon-Boileau. Des enfants sans langage. Le cerveau et l'inconscient. Jean-Paul Sartre. Journal des psychologues mars Sous la direction de Vincent Estellon. Boris Cyrulnik. Fous et Folie en france autrefois. David Nasio. L'inconscient de Vallotton. Regards sur le handicap. In she received her licence as a psychiatrist. Ginette Raimbault's main area of interest is the psychology of the ill child. She was working with dying children in the nephrology clinic of the Hopital des Enfants-Malades in Paris since and published several books on themes like mourning, illness and death from the point of view of children and parents.

Ginette Raimbault was suffering from Alzheimer's and died at the age of 89 in Paris. Blanche Reverchon, born in Paris, studied philosophy and medicine and later specialised in neurology under Joseph Babinski. She practised as a psychiatrist in Geneva, when she met the poet Pierre Jean Jouve in In they settled in Paris and were married in After visiting Sigmund Freud in Vienna, who obviously encouraged her to become an analyst, she continued her psychoanalytic training supervised by Rudolph Loewenstein. At the time of the split, Reverchon-Jouve, although a physician herself, was one of the opponents of the medicalization of psychoanalytic training.

Blanche Reverchon-Jouve introduced her husband to psychoanalysis and supplied him with the clinical material from her psychoanalytic practice, which he transformed to his novels about mad women. His novel Vagadu , for instance, is drawn from his wife's analyses with Sokolnicka and Loewenstein and from the case history of Mademoiselle H. Blanche Reverchon-Jouve's analysands were mainly wealthy patients and artists, among them the Belgian author and psychotherapist Henry Bauchau, who depicted her as "Sybille" in his first novel La dechirure.

She was born in Paris as the daughter of the psychoanalyst Jenny Aubry and her first husband Alexander Roudinesco. Her father was an immigrated Romanian-Jewish physician, who had converted to Catholicism. She was a member of the EPF until Lacan dissolved his school in During the same time she was a member of the KPF. Some of her most important books are a history of psychoanalysis in France, the biography of Jacques Lacan and a dictionary of psychoanalysis with Michel Plon.

Monique Schneider was born in Mirecourt in Lorraine. At the beginning of her teaching career she suffered from insomnia caused by diabolical phantasmas from her childhood, which led to her first analysis. Monique Schneider works at the intersections of psychoanalysis, cultural critique, and philosophy.

She has been concerned with questions of trauma, the status of constructions of sexual difference in social discourse and practices of exclusion by psychoanalysis as a patriarchal theory.

LACAN: Réel, Symbolique et Imaginaire [Psycotte] #15

Patriarchal metaphors reduce masculinity to phallic symbols of verticality by excluding a devaluated feminine, which is associated with uncontrollability. The result of this is a gap between a man's representation of pleasure as a conquest and his experience of it as an absence of mastery.

Textes de Rio – AlfaPsy

This "supplementary room" allows another symbolism of femininity than the devaluating phallic metaphor of the feminine sex as a cavity. She came from a cultivated Jewish family that had fought for the liberation of Poland. Her mother Paulina Flejszer played such an important role in the uprising that she was honoured with a state funeral. Eugenia Kutner's father, Maurycy Kutner, was a banker. She returned with him to Warsaw and was married in After Jung's break with Sigmund Freud she choose the Freudian camp and went to Vienna to have a three months long analysis with Freud in She attended the sessions of the Wiener Psychoanalytische Vereinigung and became a member in During this period she separated from her husband.

According to Ferenczi, Sokolnicka showed feelings of superiority as well as symptoms of paranoia and depressive tendencies accompanied by suicide threats. But Ferenczi also vaunted her capacity as an analyst. Sokolnicka's analysis with Ferenczi was obviously more successful than that with Freud, who did not like her very much. In she returned to Paris to found the psychoanalytic movement in France as Freud's legitimate representative.

In it he referred to Sokolnicka's famous healing of a childhood obsessional neurosis , which he turned into an abject failure. During a six-week analysis Sokolnicka revealed the sexual implication of the boy's symptoms, which disappeared after that. This rapid cure encouraged Sokolnicka to create a minimal analysis, which sees as its end the disappearance of symptoms, while a maximal analysis includes the freeing of the ability to love and the avoidance of repetition. She set up in private practice, but her clientele diminished over the years. In the beginning of the s she played no longer an important role in the French psychoanalytic movement.

Poverty, growing depressions, the threat from Nazism in Germany and a sense of rootlessness weighed on her and, in , she took her own life. When Hitler came to power, her father Heinrich Stern, a Jewish-German psychiatrist and Marxist, emigrated with his family to France in Anne-Lise Stern began to study medicine, but in she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. From there she was sent to Bergen-Belsen, Raguhn and Theresienstadt. She survived the concentration camp and returned to France in Inspired by the student movement, she participated from to in the Laboratoire de psychanalyse in Paris for the treatment of patients without means, financed with German reparation money.

From to she was appointed as a psychotherapist in the department for drug addicts led by Claude Olievenstein at the Marmottan hospital. The upsurge of Holocaust negationism in France caused Anne-Lise Stern to establish a seminar in , where actual contemporary documents and its relations to the Holocaust were discussed. In she moved to Paris, where she trained and worked as a chemical technical assistant. In the beginning of the s she studied psychology at the Sorbonne, received a bachelor's degree in and then worked as a psychological counsellor in nursery schools.

In she met the Hungarian-Jewish philosopher and analyst Nicolas Abraham , who became her companion. Torok and Abraham developed a phenomenological psychoanalysis and taught it in a seminar they led together from to in Paris. Originating in the work of Ferenczi, they conceived their theory of the "crypt" and the "phantom", in order to explain the psychopathogenic potential of unspoken secrets and traumas transmitted to the next generation.

Those unbearable experiences are removed from associative links to the rest of psychic life by "preservative repression" and entombed in a "crypt" that functions within the ego as a false unconscious. The children, who unwittingly inherit the secret of their parents by "endocryptic indentification", are haunted by phantoms which cause great disruption in their psychic life. In her well-noticed essay The illness of mourning and the fantasy of the exquisite corpse Maria Torok described the "illness of mourning" as an effect of unspoken "incorporations" with traumatic effects, by which a subject tries to regain a lost or prohibited object through the magic of hallucinatory.

In contrast to the introjection that allows a process of mourning, the incorporation blocks the libidinal cathexis of new objects and thus the psychic development. Sympathizing with Jacques Derrida's approach of deconstruction, Maria Torok wrote numerous articles for the journal Confrontation. Like Ferenczi she championed a closer contact with the patient, a position that upset her fellow members of the SPP.

She made an important contribution to the critic of Freud's concept of femininity with her early paper The meaning of the "penis envy" in women , where she stressed the symptomatic character of the penis envy: The "false" wish for an idealized penis is a defence against masturbatory fantasies by which the girl appropriates the position of her mother.

In Maria Torok began to collaborate with Nicholas Rand, an American analyst and professor of French literature, whom she married in She died from leukaemia at the age of Nathalie Zaltzman was born in Paris as the only daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants. Her family survived the Second World War hidden in the south of France. Nathalie's father Abram Zaltzman, who had been a lawyer in St. Petersburg, owned a papeterie in Paris and a large private library. They divorced in , a year after their son Alexis was born.

Her training analyst was Serge Leclaire. Beginning in , Nathalie Zaltzman occupied several positions in the group and was elected President in From to she was an influential member of the editorial committee of the group's journal Topique , where most of her texts were published. Her main interest centered on the effects of the psychoanalytic cure and the connection between individual and collective destinies. She renewed Sigmund Freud's notion of "Kulturarbeit" cultural work as a basis of psychoanalytic healing.

For Zaltzman cultural work means an intrapsychic and trans-individual process that modifies individual development and the evolution of human beings in general. Starting again from the idea of cultural work, Nathalie Zaltzman examined in her book L'esprit du mal the dimensions of evil as an unevolving constant of the human condition and the concept of a "crime against humanity".

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Psychoanalytikerinnen. Biografisches Lexikon

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Alternative Fédérative des Associations de Psychiatrie

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symbolisation primaire et secondaire

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Paris Autour de la Chose. Paris Roudinesco, Elisabeth: Histoire de la psychanalyse en France, vol. Juliette Favez-Boutonier Freud's views, which are originally related to the logical associationism of John Stuart Mill, can be seen to evolve towards specificity thanks to clinical experience links between psychosis, dreams and thought. It is then possible to view the comparison between Freud's conception and Ferdinand de Saussure's linguistic approach in more accurate terms and with a better idea of what is at stake.

L'aphasie et pathologie verbale. L'associationisme logique. C'est J. Pathologie et logique : la fonction de nomination. Mill et a compris le parti qu'il pouvait en tirer en l'occasion. Tel est le. Psychose et raison logique. Signifiance linguistique et signifiance inconsciente. II, pp.