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After experiencing such unadulterated joy in a small aircraft, why then, I asked, did Owen leap from a private licence to flying the big jets of the airlines? H e initially flew outback charter and ferried aircraft overseas. The collapse of Ansett proved that not to be the case. Just like any other writer worth his salt, Owen does not spend all his time off drinking coffee and dining out.

He reads. Kenneth Butterworth McGlashan. How does Owen do it? I know I would be forever imagining someone looking over my shoulder, and worrying if they would be offended by my conclusions, or if they would be sensitive to a particular line of questions.

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Owen overcame any potential problems easily. Kenneth placed no restrictions on his writing and gave him free rein to tell the story as Owen uncovered it.

50 Tales of Flight: From Biplanes to Boeings - Owen Zupp - Google книги

That, of course, offers its own set of challenges: how to be objective about someone you love, someone who has been such an important part of your life, someone who has influenced you so profoundly that you followed in his footsteps and flight path. For these reasons this has been the most difficult work for me to write to date. At times I have walked away from the manuscript for a period before reading it again with fresh eyes. Phil Zupp.

Each one makes the story richer in its own way, even if it is only a short humorous reference. And it is all part of a plan. Stay tuned I certainly will. Just as he embraced social media to promote his work, Owen has taken advantage of the many varied faces of publishing.

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These posts show future aviators the diverse range of careers available to them. Could that be right? A quarter of a century? I pondered the concept for a moment. Twenty five years can mean many things to many people. It can be a landmark of marriage for a happy couple or an inconceivable eon to a school student in their final year.

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To a pilot it can be just another coincidence of numbers, volumes of which have already been carefully inked into a series of treasured log books. For some reason this alignment of the calendar had struck a sentimental chord in me.

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Certificate in hand, I sat at my desk and reflected on where the time might have gone. And loving it.

50 Tales of Flight : From Biplanes to Boeings.

With the checks complete, the base turn came too soon and it was time to ready the aeroplane for the approach. Managing the intricacies of speed, flap, power and trim, I rolled onto final to be greeted by the welcoming runway. The clearance to land crackled through the overhead speaker and I reached down to quickly acknowledge with the hand microphone. Headsets were for airline pilots!

Down to earth again, but my life was changed forever. As a schoolboy, excitement overwhelmed any sense of significance.

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Flight offers so much to we mere mortals, from simple pleasures to immense exhilaration and the darkest nights to the most remarkable dawns. Sometimes we take it for granted as complacency walks hand in hand with the human condition. For my part, I was always going to fly. As a kid, I would loiter around airports at every opportunity, scrounging rides where possible.

There was no barbed wire or security fence to stop curious kids like me clambering up onto wing roots and gawking at cockpits through cupped hands. We were hangar rats and the hangars were full of cheese. Back at home, I would perch on our garage roof with binoculars and scan above for all and sundry as they criss-crossed the sky. When it came my turn to learn to fly, I found a job as a paramedic that paid relatively well and afforded me enough time off to fly and study.

50 Tales of Flight

At the time it felt like the Department of Health should simply directly credit my pay to the flying school accounts. Early starts and frost-covered windscreens were preceded by briefings in our garage at home. My working week revolved around my flying and when navigation exercises came into play, the anticipation was almost unbearable. He would die of cancer within five years. Pulling out six Piper Tomahawks in early morning darkness and fuelling them one by one was a small price to pay to be allowed to fly for a living.

To see the veritable ghost town that Bankstown has now become borders on heart-breaking. Today we drive around a cyclone-fenced perimeter and where a sea of aeroplanes once sat, now only grass grows. Categories: Aircraft. Description "50 Tales of Flight" captures the magic of flight from the ground up. The flight deck door has now been opened, taking the reader aloft in everything from biplanes to Boeings. From the alarm clock buzzing to begin the airline pilot's day to the threatening sound of silence when a light aircraft's engine fails and all that lies beneath are trees and cliffs.

There are moments of pulse-racing tension and others of humorous relief to be found amongst this collection of stories from Owen Zupp's thirty years of flying. Interspersed are tales of combat veterans of wars passed and of those who lost their lives pursuing their passion in times of peace.

For anyone interested in the world amongst the clouds, or just intrigued by this amazing field of endeavour, there is much to be seen through these "50 Tales of Flight. About Owen Zupp Owen Zupp is an award-winning aviation writer and commercial pilot with over 17, hours of varied flight experience.